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Since its first location in Appleton, Wisconsin, Eyemart Express has been providing affordable, quality prescription eye glasses for over 25 years. Combining its Eyemart Express, Eyewear Express, Vision4Less and Visionmart Express brand locations, Eyemart Express ranks as the nation's 8th largest optical retailer with more than 140 locations spread across 31 states.

Much has changed since Eyemart's first few locations. Minimalistic rooms with folding tables for displaying frames have given away to sleek, modern interiors with walnut finishes, comfortable waiting areas and luxurious display shelves for its frame selection. It is Eyemart's goal to immerse its customers in the most relaxing environment possible, and that can only be achieved by consistently building and maintaining the highest quality stores.

To ensure that each new store is completed on time and under budget, Eyemart has been partnering with Projectmates Construction Program Management software. Projectmates is highly specialized in meeting the needs of retail construction, with over a decade of history in supporting projects such as new construction of freestanding stores, tenant build-outs in strip malls, and much more.

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About Projectmates

Today's construction projects are faster-paced than ever before. Projectmates' web-based construction project management and collaboration software uses online construction management tools to aide in the complete life cycle development of retail construction projects. While traditional tools for construction management lack critical workflow and accountability features, Projectmates' online collaborative tool improve on communication, accountability, and time and money savings.

Projectmates is the most comprehensive online project management software available today. Projectmates integrates multiple online construction workflow management tools to create a collaborative project management solution — meaning each team member can view project schedules and tasks as well as enter their own updates on the fly to capture accurate data in real time. Projectmates web based capital construction management software includes several features key to Construction Accounting software, including bid management, contract management, and the ability to exchange data between Projectmates and other accounting software. Projectmates project management software for construction also includes powerful Portfolio Reporting software. Projectmates Portfolio enterprise project reporting includes a construction executive dashboard which enables construction executives to track project progress, budgets, and changes in real time. The construction project enterprise reports can also be scheduled for automatic email delivery.

See for yourself why Projectmates' online construction management software suite is the standard by which all others are measured — no other software for construction integrates more features in such an easy to use format.

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